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About us

Welcome to the website of the office run by Artur Mazur, tax adviser, and Anna Groyecka-Kurdybelska, attorney. We are a dynamic team with an extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Polish tax, civil and commercial law.

In relations with our Clients we always put emphasis on professional service. We analyse every case carefully and thoroughly with the same degree of involvement as if it concerned us. Your problems and doubts are our concern. From the moment you entrust us with them, we take on the burden of handling your case and your contacts with courts, tax and fiscal authorities, if required, are kept to a minimum. We believe that with our help, you will be able to devote yourselves to conducting and developing your business in peace by entrusting us with all your matters related to law and, in particular, tax law.

Learn more about the range of our services and the profiles of Clients whom we have the pleasure to work for. It will help you make sure that you have made the right choice by deciding to cooperate with us. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will try to answer your questions and dispel all your doubts.