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We provide assistance to people claiming all types of compensation resulting, among other things, from events such as traffic accidents, medical errors, mining damage etc. We can also claim damages on your behalf based on other legal grounds.

We specialise in claiming compensation for damage to property and person as well as remedies (so-called compensation for pain). Our aim is to obtain compensation corresponding to the actual damage suffered by you (most often from an insurance or mining company).

When claiming damages at the pre-court stage, we conduct negotiations with the insurance or mining company on behalf of the Client and if we fail to reach an agreement, we take the case to court.

Our offer includes:

  1. analysing the actual damage;
  2. completing documents necessary for filing a claim to the insurance/mining company;
  3. reporting damage to the insurance/mining company;
  4. monitoring the timeliness of actions of the insurer/mining company to obtain compensation for our Clients as fast as possible;
  5. conducting negotiations with the insurance/mining company on behalf of the Client;
  6. taking the case to court and representing the Client in court and enforcement proceedings.

Experience has taught us that insurance/ mining companies often make advantage of the ignorance of their clients and their clients’ opponents as well as on the belief still persisting among people: ‘do not start a fight with ruthless insurance companies/mines that you cannot win‘. Meanwhile, experience has taught us something completely different. A lot of cases concerning compensation that are conducted by us end with a satisfactory result for the Client at the pre-court stage.

We cooperate with translation agencies (sworn translators), so any translations necessary for the purposes of ongoing court proceedings are not a problem.

We encourage you to use our services.