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Fees for services provided in the area of legal and tax assistance are determined individually for each Client depending on the type and complexity of his/her case as well as the required amount of attorney's work. There are several possible settlement systems:

Hourly settlement system

The fee depends on the number of hours spent on the fulfilment of a specific task. The hourly rate is fixed.
This system is used in cases for which it is impossible to predict in advance the number of hours needed to complete the task. This system can also be used for the ongoing provision of legal services.

Flat-rate settlement system

The fee is fixed regardless of the time spent on the fulfilment of the task.
This system is used in cases for which it is possible to determine in advance at least the approximate time required to complete the task.

Flat-rate and hourly settlement system

The fee for the agreed number of hours per month is fixed. In case of exceeding the agreed number of hours, the preferential rate per hour is used.
This system is used in particular for agreements concerning the ongoing provision of legal services.

Performance-related fee

The fee is determined in accordance with the (individual) hourly system using a preferential rate per hour and in case of winning the case, there is an additional payment in the form of the "performance-related fee" calculated as a percentage of the amount claimed.