We have knowledge

in many fields


Our offer, addressed to individuals, covers all fields of law that each person may be interested in, but not related to business activity.


We provide services to business entities, covering all aspects of their activity.

Local governments

We provide comprehensive services to local government units and legal persons established fully or partialy by local government units.

Tax advisory

In response to your needs, we deal with all possible matters in the field of tax law.

Program “Wierzyciel”n

One of the main problems of entrepreneurs, blocking their development and financial liquidity, are unreliable contractors.. We help our Clients to collect their debts in various ways, because different situations require different actions.


Patent attorney's office - Kancelaria patentowa rzecznika patentowego dr inż. Jerzy Lampart

This patent attorney’s office has been present on the market since 1991. It specialises in providing services in the field of intellectual property law and, in particular, in helping clients go through complicated application procedures for inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks etc. in patent offices (in Poland and abroad) to obtain exclusive rights.

Moreover, it provides audit services, which should precede the submission of applications for the protection of rights, and other comprehensive services after obtaining exclusive rights in order to maintain the protection.

Translation Agency - Biuro Tłumaczeń Groy Translations

This translation agency has been operating continuously since 1990. It provides standard and specialist translation and interpretation services and other professional translation services for major national and international conferences as well as business meetings; it cooperates with more than 250 professional translators and interpreters from all over Europe.

Groy Translations ensures full confidentiality of translated documents and high-quality standards confirmed by the PN-EN ISO 9001 certificate.

Property valuers Anna Ziętal and Katarzyna Danecka-Żelezik

The core activity of this company includes the valuation of properties, analysis of property market, verification of the legal status of a given property and its investment potential. The valuers determine the property value for the investor’s individual purposes (property valuation as part of the estate, property division, collateral for a loan etc.) and for the purpose of administrative proceedings (sale, re-zoning fee, betterment levy, compensation for property seized for public roads, updated fee for perpetual usufruct).

Nesco provides services to individuals, businesses, institutions as well as state and local government bodies located in the Silesia Voivodeship (and in some cases – also in other voivodeships).

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Fees for services provided in the area of legal and tax assistance are determined individually for each Client depending on the type and complexity of his/her case as well as the required amount of attorney's work. There are several possible settlement systems:

Hourly settlement system

The fee depends on the number of hours spent on the fulfilment of a specific task. The hourly rate is fixed. This system is used in cases for which it is impossible to predict in advance the number of hours needed to complete the task. This system can also be used for the ongoing provision of legal services.

Flat-rate settlement system

The fee is fixed regardless of the time spent on the fulfilment of the task. This system is used in cases for which it is possible to determine in advance at least the approximate time required to complete the task.

Flat-rate and hourly settlement system

The fee for the agreed number of hours per month is fixed. In case of exceeding the agreed number of hours, the preferential rate per hour is used. This system is used in particular for agreements concerning the ongoing provision of legal services.

Performance-related fee

The fee is determined in accordance with the (individual) hourly system using a preferential rate per hour and in case of winning the case, there is an additional payment in the form of the "performance-related fee" calculated as a percentage of the amount claimed.

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