As you know, prevention is better than cure; therefore, to avoid or at least minimise risks associated with conducting debt collection proceedings against contractors, we provide services in the scope of issuing opinions, negotiating and concluding all types of agreements that are necessary for the client’s business activity for and on behalf of the client.

Contrary to popular belief, the preparation of a good contract is not as clear as it may seem, and it is not enough to just download a template from the Internet to protect all our rights (in contrast to what many entrepreneurs, not to mention consumers, may still think). As cliché as it may sound (and as you know, clichés describe reality in the best way), every contractual relationship is different just like there are no two identical subject matters of contracts; what is more, on the other side there is always an unknown factor (in the form of the other party to the contract).

Difficulties arise at the stage of contract preparation (inclusion of all necessary clauses that are relevant for a given contractual relationship, establishment of appropriate securities), conclusion (negotiation of your own terms with the other party), performance (interpretation and compliance with already agreed provisions) and termination (application of the relevant manner of termination that minimises losses as much as possible if they cannot be completely eliminated) and redress of contractual claims in court (e.g. damages, contractual penalties).

The conclusion of the agreement does not, of course, guarantee that the contractor will be solvent, but appropriate provisions increase the chances of effective debt collection or recovery without the need of allocating forces or resources to court or enforcement proceedings.

Therefore, we offer the following services to our Clients:

  • Preparing draft contracts, including contract templates (e.g. online shop rules, regulations of awarding public procurement contracts below the thresholds arising out of the Public Procurement Act, general terms and conditions of sale/purchase/provision of services etc.) and all types of non-standard contracts;
  • Issuing opinions on contracts submitted by Clients in terms of Clients’ interests and compliance of contracts with law as well as appropriateness of measures applied;
  • Negotiating contracts on behalf of Clients;
  • Carrying out the analysis of risks arising from contracts and establishing securities;
  • Conducting litigation that may arise in relation to contractual provisions.

We encourage you to use our services.

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