Debt collection

Unreliable contractors are one of the main problems of entrepreneurs that have a negative influence on their development and liquidity. We help Clients collect their debts in various ways, because different situations require different actions.

The original “Wierzyciel” software developed by our office to communicate with clients in relation to debt collection matters is the main tool used for the recovery of debts. This software facilitates the communication between the client and the office, and allows him/her to create lists of debts being collected.

Thanks to this software, clients may participate in the preparation of requests for payment and petitions to the greatest extent possible, which minimises the costs of debt collection at this stage.

Demo version of the software is available at:
username: demo
password: demo

Link to the “Wierzyciel” software

The judicial stage is the next step in the debt collection process. We can refer cases to the Electronic Proceedings by Writ of Payment, which greatly accelerates the decision. However, irrespective of the above, we also conduct “traditional” processes for payment.

Debt enforcement proceedings are the next step following the issuance of the decision or order for payment against an unreliable debtor. We cooperate with court enforcement officers who carry out debt enforcement proceedings in the entire country; thanks to that, such proceedings are not conducted by random entities.

However, we do not stop there as civil and then court enforcement proceedings are often not enough. We also conduct insolvency proceedings against our client’s debtors as well as criminal cases regarding the failure to perform the required obligations towards our clients on time or their selective performance. We file a lawsuit for prohibiting a person from conducting business activity or holding any functions in company bodies and in case of ineffective enforcement against the company, we take further action against the members of management boards or partners.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, we cooperate with a debt collection agency which provides out-of-court debt recovery services (including door step recovery in the form of visits paid to the debtor). At the request of our clients, we provide economic reports of entrepreneurs, which can give some guidelines regarding further measures that should be taken against the debtor. At the same time, we have recently started to cooperate with a detective agency which specialises, among other things, in the provision of detective services to business entities.

We encourage you to use our services.

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