Legal due diligence

The office offers the provision of legal due diligence services allowing customers to identify existing and potential risks associated with capital transactions planned by them, such as the purchase of shares and stocks in commercial law companies, acquisitions, mergers, spin-off or sale of an organised part of the enterprise.

The aim of legal due diligence is to make a detailed assessment of the current legal situation of a given entity, for instance, by assessing legal risks in the scope of:

  • corporate matters, including the analysis of the shareholding structure and capital ties;
  • transactions related to movable and immovable properties;
  • transactions related to intangible property rights (in particular in the scope of industrial property rights and copyright);
  • trade issues (in particular in the scope of concluded contracts and other products based on contractual relationships such as various rules and regulations or general terms and conditions of sale, purchase of provision of services;
  • employee issues and civil-law relations;
  • environmental protection issues;
  • competition protection issues;
  • issues related to court, out-of-court, administrative, non-administrative and enforcement proceedings and issues related to claims; and
  • and other issues (depending on the specific nature of a given entity).

Each legal due diligence process is concluded with a report including all the existing and potential risks associated with capital transactions planned by customers that have been identified. Moreover, the report also includes detailed solutions aiming at the elimination of identified risks, including through the improvement and protection of the situation of a given entity.

To provide customers with comprehensive services in this respect, the office cooperates with tax and economic advisors who complement the report prepared with the findings of tax, financial and economic audits carried out by them.

The above elements allow customers to make a fully informed decision with respect to planned capital transactions and to work out a negotiation strategy with the other party.

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