Litigation in civil and criminal cases

Although litigation is a part of almost every range of services offered by our office, it should be described separately.
First of all, our lawyers represent Clients in litigation in civil matters.

As part of litigation, we collect and analyse client’s materials as well as assess his/her individual procedural situation; we also develop an appropriate trial strategy. In addition to the trial in a specific case, we also present consequences of the Client’s procedural situation at his/her request such as: civil consequences, economic consequences including tax aspects, and penal consequences including penal and fiscal aspects.

We support our clients in court and out-of-court negotiations with trial opponents and we prepare and negotiate possible agreements.

We also represent clients in criminal cases (in particular, cases for economic crimes) and penal and fiscal cases in both situations when they are charged and when they fall victim to crimes or offences.

The defence in criminal cases includes the preparation of a defence strategy and then the legal representation of the client, which includes pressing charges and conducting preparatory, court and enforcement proceedings.

The legal representation of the client who fell victim to the crime involves measures  to be taken by the legal representative to hold the perpetrator criminally liable. In such case, we prepare an offence notification; we also represent the client during preparatory and court proceedings (most frequently as an auxiliary prosecutor). However, if necessary, we also prepare and support auxiliary or private indictments.

We encourage you to use our services.

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