Family law

We offer legal assistance in the field of family law.

We conduct:

  • divorce cases,
  • child support cases,
  • cases concerning parental authority,
  • cases concerning right of access,
  • cases concerning the division of joint property,
  • adoption cases,
  • all other cases in the field of family law.

Family matters involve huge emotions, so sometimes it is better to have the case conducted by someone else who will be able to look objectively at the situation. Not everyone is aware of the complications of divorce cases and of the consequences of incorrect actions. These consequences may concern both the financial sphere and the sphere related to parental authority or right of access and, hence, they may affect the customer’s whole life. Therefore, it is worth using the help of a professional lawyer, who, on the one hand, will inform you about the most beneficial solution in a given situation (or present several possible options) and on the other hand will advise you against possible risks of your actions/omissions.

We provide legal representation in family cases including:

  • preparation of all necessary documents such as petitions, requests, etc.;
  • preparation of the child care and education plan – if spouses are willing and able to reach an agreement in matters concerning children;
  • assistance in collecting necessary documentation (e.g. copies of civil registry records) etc.;
  • legal representation of clients in court.

We also provide assistance in matters concerning the distribution of the joint marital property after the divorce (or during the divorce – if it is possible) or changes in the marital property regime.

When it comes to the preparation of prenuptial agreements, we cooperate with Notarial Offices, thanks to which we can offer comprehensive services to our Clients.

It is worth remembering that the prenuptial agreement can be concluded not only after, but also before, marriage.

We encourage you to use our services.

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