Anna Groyecka-Kurdybelska

Anna Groyecka-Kurdybelska

Attorney – office owner

Anna Groyecka-Kurdybelska provides services in the field of: civil and commercial law, trade agreements and court proceedings as well as services for businesses.

About me:

I graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Silesia in Katowice. I completed the attorney’s training under the supervision of prof. dr hab. Kazimierz Zgryzka, which could suggest that I specialise in criminal matters. However, I professionally focus on the opposite field of law – namely civil law – contractual obligations to be precise.
I have more than 10 years of experience in work as an attorney. I have been running my own law office for six years and for all these years (various types of) trade agreements and court disputes arising in relation to such agreements have been the centre of my activities and interests.

Contrary to popular belief, the preparation of a good contract is not as clear as it may seem, and it is not enough to just download a template from the Internet to protect all our rights (in contrast to what many entrepreneurs, not to mention consumers, may still think). As cliché as it may sound (and as you know, clichés describe reality in the best way), every contractual relationship is different just like there are no two identical subject matters of contracts; what is more, on the other side there is always an unknown factor (in the form of the other party to the contract).

Difficulties arise at the stage of contract preparation (inclusion of all necessary clauses that are relevant for a given contractual relationship, establishment of appropriate securities), conclusion (negotiation of your own terms with the other party), performance (interpretation and compliance with already agreed provisions) and termination (application of the relevant manner of termination that minimises losses as much as possible if they cannot be completely eliminated) and redress of contractual claims in court (e.g. damages, contractual penalties).

Based on the experience gained, I provide services mostly in the scope of:

  • Preparing draft contracts, including contract templates (e.g. online shop rules, regulations of awarding public procurement contracts below the thresholds arising out of the Public Procurement Act, general terms and conditions of sale/purchase/provision of services etc.) and all types of non-standard contracts;
  • Issuing opinions on contracts submitted by customers in terms of clients’ interests and compliance of contracts with law as well as appropriateness of measures applied;
  • Negotiating contracts on behalf of clients;
  • Carrying out the analysis of risks arising from contracts and establishing securities;
  • Conducting litigation that may arise in relation to contractual provisions.

Moreover, I specialise in matters related to the business support, public procurement law, antitrust law and intangible property rights.

I like unusual and complicated cases that require a lot of effort to “capture the essence” because the preparation and the knowledge of the matter often form the basis (even though they are not the only component) for achieving a satisfactory outcome.

For the last 4 years of running the office I have managed to build a strong and dedicated team of employees and associates and to gain the trust of many clients whom I have the pleasure to work for.

I encourage you to read the description of the competence of the rest of the team and the “references’ tab.

I speak English.


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